Saturday, February 04, 2006

CHA: Monday

so I slept in Monday. It was nice. We go to breakfast. We ride the shuttle to the show. I get to walk around by myself for awhile and I went looking for Becky Thompson. Since she's like my friend and all. I wander because it took me two days to figure out the stupid map and besides you had to have three feet of floor space to open the sucker up. Anyway, I was lucky enough to stumble upon her in the Flair booth looking at the new product (cute) with the Big Picture Scrappbooking people. Yeah, Stacy Julian. So there's Becky just hanging out with Stacy. Stacy hears us chatting and turns around so she can be introduced to me. And of course I have a dork moment and manage "hi!" I couldn't even get out a "I love you!" or anything, although on reflection I love you may have just freaked her out and it's probably a good thing my brain went out to lunch at that moment.

So Becky and I made arrangements to see her later and I took off to see more stuff. In my wandering I walked past a stamp booth with some darling stamps and there was only one person in the booth and she wasn't busy at the moment so I stopped to say hi. We get chatting and I find that she's just totally sweet. I get up the guts to show off my portfolio and she loves it. so I leave my card and she invites me back when her boss is there. (hi Michelle!)

Monday was also my first day working the booth. I was pretty nervous because the only sales experience I have is convincing my children they would rather have cold cereal than pancakes for breakfast. (although I have to say, I"m pretty good at it. ;) ) It was so fun! I loved the booth sales! We had visitors from all over the globe, Maylasia (whose spelling I just butchered,) France, England, Germany, Holland, Brazil, and about every state you can think of. I loved chatting with them about their stores and helping them find the product that would sell for them.

Monday was also our Polar Bear Press dinner. we decided to eat at the Hilton in their Mexican restaurant. Aparantly when the show gets out everyone heads to the Hilton because we were in major foot traffic. Had another dork moment. At one point I turned around and saw that Donna Downey and Stacy Julian were about 30 feet behind us. So I kept having to turn around and look to see if they were still there. Everybody was laughing at me.

Dinner was a blast! I loved it. I tell you, the Polar Bear team is pretty dang fun. After dinner, Michelle and Alissa decided to rest. Kristy, Cari, and I talked Jason into driving us down the strip. We started at the Belagio and walked down to the Venetian. Pictures are in my photo blog. it was so interesting to see all the shopping that exists in Vegas. If they don't get you in the casino, they'll clean you out in their malls. $500 bags, $600 shoes, Ann Taylor is considered cheap. Definitely not my kind of shopping. The hotels were beautiful though and it would be fun to stay in one of them sometime with Steve.


Jess said...

Great entry! LOVED reading about your day :). Photos are wonderful, too. I love your hair! I'm so glad you got to do this . . . you look happy and relaxed in all the photos! (not that you're not regularly . . . so I hope you know what I mean).

Kristi said...

It sounds like you had such a fun time! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story!!

Cathy B said...

Hey we need more. I know you were there more than just two days. :)