Monday, February 06, 2006


Remember how I decided to enter Hall of Fame? yeah, dumb idea. See I decided I'd do that before I completely read the rules and I missed that part where it said you couldn't enter any layout that had been posted online so I thought I had like four or five layouts done already so I'm thinking, yeah, I can do this. wrong. so wrong. Ever done ten fantastic layouts in three weeks? yeah, neither have I. but this sucker is getting mailed anyway. Those HOF judges need a good laugh anyway, right?

anyway, that's why the blog hasn't been updated. I've been slowly going insane. nine and a half done. nine scanned. eight printed. eight product lists done. all thoughts of recreating interactive elements on the print outs are right out the window because i'm not that insane.

tomorrow I will tell you all about last tuesday. Which was fantastic btw. Jackpot in Vegas.


MarilynH said...

ahhh, headache man!! I am pulling for ya.

karen said...

Congrats on going for it! I predict no laughter from the judges, though. You're money, baybee!