Tuesday, February 07, 2006

CHA: Tuesday

ok, HOF is out the door! I can concentrate on recounting my lovely week last week.

Last Tuesday was my Jackpot day. It was amazing.

I slept in and then got to walk the show with Michelle and Alissa. They were scouting for online kit clubs, so not only were they good company, I got freebies too ;) The first thing we did was stop by the Mimi booth. They were out of their cool badge holders, but Alissa got to tell the story of how the forklift driver ran over her brand new Mimi bag and left a six inch black greasy tire track across the front of it. Alissa was able to get it perfectly clean that night and she wanted to tell Mimi the story. They loved the story! Alissa is a good story teller so we laughed and they got her info so they could put it up as a testimonial on the site. "come see the Mimi bag that got run over!" I got free adhesive because I told Candice I made my purse with Xyron. (Mimi is a division of Therm-o-web.) ;)
Then we walked the show and saw some fun stuff. After Alissa and Michelle left, I walked past my new friend Michelle's booth. Her boss was there and we got visiting and things went very smoothly. Things look very good for me doing some project design work for the company. yea me!
That afternoon it was my turn to work the PBP booth. I had a ball and guess who came by? Stacy Julian! I got to say hi again and introduce her to our product.
Tuesday night was the designer dinner. I really didn't see a lot of people I recognized where I was sitting so I decided to get up and walk around a bit. When I got to the back room, I saw a table with a whole bunch of VIPs and there was Stacy looking at someone's portfolio they brought. I watched for a minute (mostly because I wanted the chance to say hi again. I'm a dork. I think we've covered that haven't we?) Stacy looked up, saw my badge and said, "Amy! I know you!" chills. it was that cool. (yes, dork. I said that.) I said hi and then "I saw you looking at her portfolio, how do I get that lucky?" she said "show it to me." so I booked it back to my table, grabbed it and booked it back. It was crowded. People don't get out of your way when you are going to visit with Stacy Julian. So anyway, Stacy was busy when I got back, but one of the editors asked to look at my portfolio. Next thing I know, my book's getting passed around the table. "oh, look at that!" "did you see this one?" "can I see it after you?" there were editors from Simple Scrapbooks and Scrapbook.com all at the table. they were all very complimentery. Then I got to show my album to Stacy. She was fabulous. She specifically requested that I submit four of the layouts in the book. it was so fantastic to talk to her and the other SS editors.
the rest of the dinner was a dream. I got to meet Kelli Noto, who's about as funny as all get out and takes lasagne on trips. (hi Kelli!) I got to see Michelle and her boss again. met a few other fun people. and then I won a door prize!

good day.

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Kristi said...

What a fun, fun day, Amy!!