Monday, February 20, 2006

*banging head on desk*

I woke up with a stiff neck the other day. very stiff and sore. yucky. mommy's a grump and all that. Steve's diagonsis was a misalligned vertebrea right at shoulder height. He spent time this morning and this evening trying to get it to pop back in place. This means I have to relax while he jerks my head around. I've seen way too many action movies to relax when anyone starts jerking my head around. So he hooked me up to a portable electrical stimulation machine. So fun. I sat doing the puzzle while my neck and shoulder muscles contracted about once a second. My head and body jerked right in time to the contractions. This makes it hard to put a puzzle together because my hand jerks too. It helped, but I was still sore.

So then he goes back to the jerking my head around trick. "relax!" Jerk. "relax."

"how the heck am I supposed to relax when you are jerking me around?" I grabbed his head and did a violent jerk of my own.

"woah. you popped my neck."

"you're kidding." I jerked his head around again.

"oh man. that felt good. I've had a headache all day because of my neck."

I give up.

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